Thursday, February 4, 2010

36 weeks and some progress...

I never thought I would still be pregnant in February let alone make it to 36 weeks! We are so excited we made it this far and are hoping for a little more time. I had a dr apt yesterday and was 1-2cm dilated, 25% effaced, and -1 station! She was surprised by the progress I had made from my last appointment. I was VERY happy to hear that head is nice and low though because this little one is so active I have feared he or she would flip and become breech.

I am just getting over a nasty cold that the boys graciously shared with me and praying I don't get sick after being on puke patrol with Elijah Tuesday night. Poor little man! He always seems to get it in our house. I am praying no one else does though. Fortunately it was a quick one and he seems to be bouncing back quickly. He broke my heart though as he kept telling me he loved me in between heaves. I "camped" out on his bedroom floor (Richard moved Jonah's mattress to the floor next to Elijah's) and Jonah "camped" out in our room with Richard.

I am going back to work this weekend and hoping to just keep working until Bruce arrives. I am feeling pretty ready and trying not to get anxious about labor. My labor has been so different with both the boys that I almost feel like I don't know what to expect. I am also praying I can delivery naturally again and trying not to let the fear of the pain get to me! Thankfully I have a wonderful hubby who is an excellent labor coach ;0)

It is hard to believe that this little one will be here in a few weeks or less! It seems like this pregnancy has been longer than my others after it was halted by bedrest. It has however picked up speed since I have been able to move around and I am sure the rest of the time will fly by.

Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Richard is praying for a full night sleep before! I guess that wouldn't be so bad, but I am betting that won't be the case. I am hoping to post something when Bruce keep your eyes peeled!

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