Monday, March 9, 2009

Where is Spring?

I had wanted to post these pictures last week, but due to my poor little Elijah getting so sick and puking for 4 days I am a little behind. 

It was unusually warm last week (30-40s) and I sent the boys out to play one day before lunch while I cleaned up a bit and got lunch ready.  They were in the backyard playing and I could easily keep an eye on them from the kitchen.  (One of the features of our house we loved, plus the fenced in backyard). 

Jonah came in and told me had a great idea and that we could have a picnic, because it was so nice out. I told him that despite the balmy temps (34 degrees) we would have to post pone our picnic until later. He was a little disappointed, but ran back outside to play. 

At one point after that, I looked outside and saw this...

It made me smile as they pulled their chairs all over the yard and tipped their heads back to catch some rays on their face. Only instead of being able to bask in the sunshine they would tip over into the snow! They were laughing so hard I thought they were going to have a seizure!

I didn't pay attention to the weather forecast for this week since I was tending to a patient at home all weekend.  I was hopeful for weather similar to last week so we could enjoy it outside instead of from the couch with puke buckets, but when I looked outside this morning this is what I saw...

Definitely NOT spring weather, in fact we are at the beginning of a blizzard warning for the next few days!  However, the snowflakes falling this morning were some of the largest  I have seen in a long time!  How beautiful it was and I found myself marveling in the beauty of the Lord.  Like the fresh snow, making everything pretty and white when we least expect it. 


Cindy and company said...

Oh, Becky! I LOLd when I saw the boys in their lawn chairs. And the fact that you were ready and able to snap a pic is just priceless. I love that! Sorry about the snow. But you will soon remember that you are in ND now. This ain't Iowa anymore! We are missing spring here in WI, too. And I think the snow is coming our way. Hmpf.

Prachar family said...

It is hard to remember that is still winter somewhere! I love the attempt to soak up some sun! I think Spring is over here as we are now having mid to upper 70's as the norm for our days...ahhhh we live in a resort! You should come visit!

Glad you are done with the pukes at your house! Doubly glad the testing was normal! Still praying for you!