Monday, March 16, 2009

Not me! Monday

It is NOT monday and I am NOT excited to share in MckMama's denial of truth, as I have missed a few weeks due to my crazy schedule.  Please join in the carnival of fun and remember all the things you did NOT do last week.
  1. I did NOT hold off writing this post because it is NOT my 100th post!  I did not decide it would be appropriate to use this post to celebrate that.
  2. I did NOT go for a walk with the boys and my sister today, since it is NOT 40 degrees!  We (my sister and I) did NOT have just as much fun wearing our puddle boots as Jonah and Elijah did splashing in the puddles while we chatted.
  3. I did NOT take the boys to walmart last week after MOPS at 1130, even though this was against my better judgement, and bribe them to remain in the cart with lifesavers that our table had won that day! 
  4. I did NOT spend 3 solid days watching batman on the couch with boys when Elijah had the flu. Nope, because I certainly couldn't have been getting anything done instead.
  5. I did NOT lie to my son when he caught me throwing away piles of his "artwork" which I had already spent at least 20 minutes sorting through. I did NOT tell him that I spilt a drink all over them and that is why I was throwing them away and he did NOT want to see them anyway. I did NOT feel extremely  guilty for not just telling the truth, but was relieved when the garbage can stench made him gag and prevented him from discovering the truth!
  6. I did NOT force my 2 1/2 year old to sit on the toilet on more than one occasion this week when I was sure he was trying to poop.  He did NOT, both times, manage to get more poop all over himself and the floor than in the toilet. I did NOT wonder if God was laughing at me since I was trying to force him to potty train because he seems so ready but is just too stubborn!
  7. I did NOT read 5 books last week because I could hardly put them down, and would stay up very late doing so. (I love Karen Kingsbury). I did NOT agree to stop doing this because my sleep deprivation was getting the best of me, and manage to read another one last night and today. Bummer!
  8. I did NOT use my new cleaning organizing system, Spring Clean Year 'Round, and absolutely love it (Thank you Cindy)!  It was NOT totally freeing, like the product claims to be and easy to use. My kids did NOT love helping me too!
  9. I did NOT buy a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms and eat them almost by myself in the span of 2 weeks! 
  10. I did NOT have to drag my sons kicking and screaming from the daycare at the gym I workout at because they did not want to leave! I was NOT the only mom whose children cried when she came to get them instead of leave them!
  11. I am NOT going to take a nap now instead of doing other things that are more important.  I am also probably NOT tired from staying up late reading my book!
Here is to a new week and hopefully Spring around the corner!


Erica said...

I am right there with you on the spending too much time/losing too much sleep for books! My hubby isn't a reader and doesn't understand! Happy Monday!

Cindy and company said...

2 weeks on a bag of m&ms? Are you kidding? That would only take me 2 hours, if that! Sounds like you did have a busy week. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. I am NOT sure that another snow storm is possible in ND ha ha.

Prachar family said...

YEAH, happy did you figure that out anyway?? Potty training, I am sure, will be something reserved for that special place in hell...I am sure glad I am not going there! Glad you are working your cleaning system and feeling the FREEDOM! So exciting! Do you mind sending me a testimonial for my blog??? Love hearing about what you're up to! Er, not up to!