Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Day and Green Eggs and Ham

Today was a snow day for us. Well, the boys and I were home anyway, but we got to spend it with Richard because school was cancelled due to the snow!  We had a great day shoveling, relaxing, making cookies, and marveling at the snow. I will put up some fun snow pics later, but here are a few pics from our day together. 

Richard and Elijah watching Batman.  Elijah "reading" in the bathroom while he was supposed to be trying to go potty. 

**I made the boys green eggs for supper and they had some ham with it. We were originally going to do this for "Patrick's Day" but had chicken instead. Jonah read the story to Elijah while I cooked it up and it was adorable!  It looked pretty gross to me, but they gobbled it right up!***


Cindy and company said...

Yes! A snow day! Too bad its March though. Will it ever be spring in ND? I remember making Green Eggs and Ham for my kids. So much fun, but my eggs turned out some weird color of blue. Ugh! But you're right, they just gobble it up! I wonder if they would eat spinach if I dyed it red? Hmmmm.....

Prachar family said...

Alayna had green eggs and ham for St. Patrick's day too! She also loved it! Sorry for your snow, but YEAH, a snow day!