Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making Cookies and Memories

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood revolve around making cookies with my mom.  She used to let us help from the beginning to the end.  We made all kinds of cookies, but my favorite was when we made sugar cookies and decorated them. We would do this almost every Christmas and some holidays in between.  My mom would make frosting and divide it up, color it, and let us go to town.  For Christmas a few years ago, I found a box of 100 cookie cutters for $10 and gave it to Jonah.  We have used the cookies cutters for play-doh and cookies.  There are letter, numbers, shapes, and all sorts of other cookie cutters.  

I have started making cookies with the boys for different holidays/occasions.  They love it!  It is such a fun time and extra special to me since it is one of my favorite memories of growing up. 

Yesterday we made some cookies for friends who watched the boys last week while Richard and I went to my sister Laura's choir concert.  Jonah helped me while Elijah was still napping and he woke up just in time to frost them.  Jonah and I had some fun conversations while it was just the two of us and he told me this was one of his favorite things to do with me! 

I took some pictures and Jonah and Elijah took turns wearing our little apron we found at the farmers market last summer. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for another one!

The Chefs. (I think Elijah is "winking" in his picture)

The Thank You cookies for the Fetch's and a few of our beautiful Shamrock/flower/musical note cookies.


Prachar family said...

Oh my gosh, I am so hungry for a sugar cookie! Those are my FAVORITE cookie and they look WONDERFUL!! I never make them because of the time involved, but I love to eat them! I love that you take that time with your kids!

Cindy and company said...

You are a better mom than I am! Good for you for being willing to get messy with the kids. I can never do it. I always save a few undecorated cookies for myself to frost. That way at least I have a few that are nearly 'perfect'. I am such a goof. I put wax paper down to protect the table and for easy clean up. And everyone only gets on color of frosting at a time. I think they kids would like making cookies with you much better. ha ha!