Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy "Patrick's Day"

Jonah has been counting down the day to "Patrick's Day" as he calls it!  I am not sure why though. I have had some adorable shamrock decorations (yep, the ones from TJ Maxx) up for awhile.

 After he inquired about them I picked up a book at the library explaining St. Patrick's Day.  Ever since he has been pumped for the green holiday.  

We started out the day by heading to a water park in town at a newer hotel, the Canada Inn.  I dragged my sister Nikki along, who had lots of fun by the way, and we met up with some of my friends from work and their kiddos.  They had a special and it was only $10 for all 4 of us to swim instead of almost $30!  The picture below is only a small part of the park, but where we spent most of our time. (I took it form the hotel's website)

After swimming, we grabbed some lunch and had a picnic at Nikki's apartment. Then I raced home and got the boys down for their naps. After naps we were able to visit with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins who were passing through town.  Then, we had our some good friends (The Fialas) over for chicken on the grill. We had a great time visiting and eating, although it did get a little late. For dessert I made the boys green ice cream, which impressed Jonah.  Don't tell him it was just vanilla with food coloring.  He thinks I have super powers! It was a fun filled day, but he was pretty disappointed to wake up the next morning and discover "Patrick's Day" is just once a year!  Hopefully next year will be just as exciting for him!

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Richard and Becky said...

I particularly appreciate the opportunity to raise a glass of Guinness to the St. Patrick and the passion he had for sharing God's love with the Irish (who happen to make some pretty delicious beverages). And yes, sugar cookies do go good with beer.