Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

I know Friday is almost over, but here is a little flashback...

  Wednesday somehow the topic of eating dog food came up with the boys, Richard and myself, and my grandpa Tony.  We were getting ready to eat supper and I believe my Grandpa was teasing the boys about what they were eating and if it was dog food.  Jonah was disgusted by this thought and was repulsed that some people have eaten dog food.  Apparently Richard was frequently found at the dog dish as a child munching on some kibbles 'n bits if he needed a little snack. (For those of you who know Richard this probably won't be a surprise because he does eat ANYTHING).  The picture above is actually Elijah, at my parents house, getting into their dog's food.  I don't think he had eaten very much of it when we found him, but I did have to take the picture of course.  Jonah was still disgusted by the thought of eating dog food and Elijah seemed to find slight pleasure in the thought. That isn't surprising either I guess.  

Too bad I don't have the picture of Richard snacking away to post on here. Now that would be fun!  I guess I better be careful if we ever get a dog, although it can't be that bad for you...can it?


Cindy and company said...

I used to sneak into our neighbors garage and steal puppy chow. There were other neighbors with dogs, but they didn't have puppy chow and that was the kind I liked best. Seriously. Even back then I had very specific taste (well, that is if puppy chow can be considered gourmet!).

Prachar family said...