Monday, July 28, 2008

To Stain or not to Stain?

To stain or not to stain? That has been the question. We wanted dark floors but fell in love with the "natural" wood look. So the answer is...not to stain. I will post pictures later. It will be beautiful and I can't wait to paint! I am proud that Richard let me finish sanding the edges in the bedrooms and hallway! (**I think it is because I wasn't doing a good enough job sweeping actually**) If you know Richard well enough you are laughing right now because you know it is true!!!

Either way it will be beautiful and fun because it is ours. Isn't it funny though how buying the house is the cheap part? I can't say I honestly have every really enjoyed Menards or Lowes until now. I could walk through almost every isle and dream of things I could buy for our new home. (I am still waiting on the light fixtures Stephanie). I also have never appreciated the fact that money doesn't grow on trees (thanks for that lesson dad) quite as much until now.

We love visitors and would love for you to come by. If you wait a week you might even get to sit
down on something and have a treat ;0)
The floors ready for??? The first coat of Poly

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