Thursday, July 31, 2008

Painting, painting and painting...

Today we started painting and it looks great! It is quite the process, but will sure look nice. I am very pleased with our color selections and can't wait to see what they look like when we are done. We just might get to move in next week ;0) My mom and Amy Fiala helped me paint today and Richard got the day off (well I guess if you call chasing around the boys a day off that is what he did). My dad came and helped paint the ceiling (Thanks Dad). Jonah and Elijah "helped" paint a little and I wish I had a picture of it. They were pretty proud of their short strokes and didn't seem to mind the mess or stress they left for me. Maybe I can get a shot tomorrow. Anyway, I better head to bed so I can hit Starbucks in the am and get to it!

Although, as nice as the paint looks the floors look a million times better! Richard (and Dad and Nate) did such a great job!
I did get a pic of them helping!
Here is the first coat of red in the living room ;0)
What can brown do for you? The first coat of brown in our room
Timeless beach in our kitchen!

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