Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally Home?!?!

We made it to ND on Thursday night after about 12 hours of driving! The boys did great and we only had a few moments of insanity in the car, a few emergency potty breaks, and a couple well deserved stretch/food breaks. Richard drove the extremely comfortable truck and I got the boys. We dropped Irene (Richard's mom) off in MN for a vacation from her vacation. Thanks Irene for all your hard work! We enjoyed your company, help, and grandma time! We hope you can finally relax though after your crazy weeks with the Iowa (I mean ND) Dafoe's.

We are looking forward to spending the weekend with my mom's side of the family who are here for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party! We are doing lots of sleeping, realxing and getting ready for our closing date on Thursday the 24th.  I am hoping to update this week as we prepare for the next round of craziness (getting our house ready for moving in).  Thanks for all who prayed and helped us get here. It feels quite strange being here as we keep thinking we have to hurry and fit lots in during our "visit to ND" before we have to go back to Iowa.  Only, this time we aren't going back!  This is exciting and sad at the same time and I am sure it won't feel real until we are in our new place ;0)

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Katie said...

Moving is so tough! I really feel for you. I too cried so hard before we left Iowa, and just thinking about it is enough to make me tear up again! UIHC especially! Matt and I are planning to move back to the midwest in the next year or two, although I'm sure then we'll be sad about leaving Virginia! :) I'm sure it is a torn feeling between being closer to your family, and feeling like that is where you're supposed to be, and wanting to stay with what is so familiar and comfortable. Best of luck to all of you, you're in our thoughts and prayers!