Monday, July 14, 2008

Least favorites

First of all I want to say I have many updates and notes and memoirs I have started and will post at a later date related to the last few weeks as we have had to say goodbye to so many amazing friends who have showed us so much love and support that we are overwhelmed and have cried so much we might not be able to do it ever again!  

Second, I want to state for the record that I HATE packing just as much as I HATE saying goodbye (which if Jonah could read this I would have to chose a different word to express my utter distaste for these two things because we just had a discussion about using the word hate). But, since he can't I am going to use it just a few more times.  Why can't the last few days of moving be enjoyable and relaxing?  Why must they be filled with broken hearts, raging emotions, floods of tears, and stress?  I want to say I am looking forward to getting to Grand Forks so we can be done with all this craziness, but that means I will be gone from here and starting the whole process all over and will express my dislike (not hate, for you Jonah) of UNpacking!  

Third of all, I am very thankful to all who are and have been helping us move, pack, watch the boys, etc....and for loving us despite our departure date lurking in the near future.  Plus, you might want to hire out my mother-in-law (she is an expert packer and has done so much for us). Thanks Irene!  My own mother came down to help us earlier and helped us make quite a dent, but I am afraid once her grandsons get to Grand Forks she will be unavailable to help you pack ;0)

For now I must get back to work, but I do look forward to sweet reunions, long distance phone calls from friends, emails and even snail mail!  Love to you all and check back soon for some fun memories.

-Bitter packer

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