Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sanding away

Richard has been busy sanding all day today and is making amazing progress! He had a few bumps in the road this morning with machines not working as well as he'd hoped, but after a quick run to a new store, he was able to get back into it. Nate Fiala and my dad have also been helping and such a blessing! Amy (Nate's wife) even brought the boys supper. We have such great friends ;0)

I was able to spend the day with the boys, my mom and sister. (Thanks Richard for working so hard and letting me hang out with them). The boys have been doing well despite all the changes, transitions, and parents MIA, but it was wonderful to be able to spend the day giving them a little mom time. My family has been loving/spoiling them of course, but I think they are ready for their own beds again and some new space. Please pray for the next week to go quickly and smothly as we finish up with the floors and painting before we can actually move in.

Here are some pics of the progress! Way to go boys!


Carm said...

Oh my. You guys are ambitious. Of course that will look fantastic when you are done and it will be worth it, right?

I was just going to leave a note on facebook that I wanted to see your new place, and then I discovered your blog and now I've had a glimpse of it.

I'm still eager to stop by... maybe sometime this week. I'll send you and email.

So glad you are here.

Mary said...

Wow! You guys didn't waste anytime!
Good work! Sure did enjoy your very descriptive writing, Becky!
I can't wait to see it in person...
love you all,
AKA Irene