Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obeying is never easy

This will just be a quick post cause I wanted to share this story before I forget...

  We were overwhelmed Wednesday with the number of people who showed up to help us load our moving truck (Thanks Andy and the surprise helpers, Pete, Mike, the Lothamers, and Lori for taking the boys all day).  After getting all our stuff in the truck after only a few hours we spent the rest of the day cleaning our place (Thanks Kate, Will and Irene) and were able to relax that evening eating pizza by the pool(Thanks Hawthornes), swimming, and sharing our last few moments in Iowa City with a few of our closest friends.  It was emotionally overwhelming to attempt to say goodbye to these two couples and although we parted with tears and "see you soon" I felt as though I have left part of my heart in Iowa City.

Back to my story...

When I picked the boys up at a wonderful friends' house who had watched them all day for us so we could pack and clean without little helpers, I left the Kirk's house sobbing.  Jonah and Elijah told me not to cry and asked if I was ok. (I love these boys)  I told them I was sad to leave all our friends in Iowa City, but that we would see them again and it was ok to be sad and cry.  They asked me every minute for the rest of our short trip home if I was done crying and if I needed a hug. (again I love these two).  

After lots of tears wed night and little sleep we are attempting to eat breakfast at the hotel and make it through the morning without more tears, when Jonah lost it as we were headed back up to the room.  Jonah has been so excited to move to Grand Forks and be closer to Grandma and Grandpa for the last few months and has rarely shown any sadness during the whole packing/moving process.  However, on the floor of the hotel breakfast area he began sobbing and crying out "I don't want to go to Grand Forks. I don't want to leave my friends here and make new friends. I want my old house back. I don't want a new house."  What was left of my heart broke at this point and through blurry eyes I scooped him up and held him close.  Once I collected myself I attempted to explain to Jonah that his dad and I had prayed for a long time about where God wanted us to be and we felt He wanted us to move to Grand Forks.  I told him that I was sad that we were leaving our friends in Iowa City and it was ok to be sad and to cry but we still needed to obey God and move.  I told him that obeying God isn't easy, just like it isn't easy for him to obey Richard and I, but we still need to do that.  He still wasn't so sure about this, but his sobbing stopped and he let me carry him back to the room.  

Obeying God is rarely easy and I don't think I will ever forget my son on that hotel floor reaffirming that fact in my mind.  However, I look forward to watching God's plan for us unfold as we continue to obey Him. 

Here are some fun pics from our moving adventures

 Elijah "Helping" us pack

Jonah "helping" take down his bed

The boys in the makeshift bedroom for our last night in our place in Iowa City, waving goodbye!

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