Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's Play Ball!

Summer is officially here, well at least summer vacation started. 

While we haven't had the warmest days, we are sure enjoying them. 

School is over,  everyone is home, we are enjoying the freedom of not having to be out the door so early in the morning and not running everywhere all day. 

Today the boys started T-Ball and they LOVED it!

We haven't participated in any organized sports because they haven't been interested in attending all the practices or games.  T-ball is all summer, twice a week and they have been anxious for it to start since last week when we bought their shirts and had their names and numbers put on them. 

Elijah may have worn his for almost 36 hours straight and I may have had to wrestle it off of him to wash it. He also has been wearing his baseball cap quite religiously.

Richard took the boys to pick out their baseball gloves and they both needed new tennis shoes.

Funny story about that...Richard said when they were at Play-it-again Sports picking out baseball gloves Elijah had his face in the glove he picked and was sniffing it. 

Then as he pulled it away from his face he casually stated "it smells like a vagina."

Richard wasn't sure he heard him right so asked him to repeat himself and when he did in fact confirm that Elijah thought his beloved new baseball glove smelled like a female private part Richard asked him if he remembered what that word meant. 

Elijah shook his head no and when Richard reminded him that it was the word for his mom's private part he pulled the glove away and didn't say another word about it. 

When Richard told me this story I couldn't help but ask Elijah the next morning if his glove maybe reminded him of leather he said nope. Then he told me he couldn't think of the right word for it but would tell me when he did. 

Elijah was ready to go 30 minutes before T-ball started (which is impressive if you know him at all).

He looked so grown up in his gear!

So proud of his shirt too!

Brother Ball Players

Double T-Ball Trouble!

They were practicing in the yard while they were waiting to head to practice. 

I heard LOTS of details about their 1 hour of practice and am looking forward to watching it next week...well "watching" with Liv and Isaac might be a challenge but it will still be fun!

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