Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moving on Up

It seems like only yesterday this boy was so excited for his first day of school!

And just like that the same boy, just had his last day of 1st grade!

We were so blessed to have another great teacher this year!

We will miss Mrs. Huus so much, but are crossing our fingers that Jonah might end up in her class next year as she is moving up to 2nd grade!

She is so caring, energetic and passionate about teaching.

Jonah adored her!
(and we did too)

She also is the mother of 3 boys! 

How sweet is that?

Can't believe that these 2 are going to both be at Viking next year.

They are both so excited to "be together" again.

We are looking forward to lazy summer days and lots of playing!
(and catching up on blogging as I am so behind)

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