Saturday, May 26, 2012

Goodbye Pre School...Hello Kindergarten!

Last week was a bit emotional for this momma...
Elijah had his last day of Pre School and can hardly wait for Kindergarten to start!

He looks so small here on his first day of Pre School...

And so grown up on his last day.

I love that he said he wanted to be a sword fighter when he grows up.

This will be fun to look at when they get older.

His graduation ceremony was last week and he was so excited for it.

He asked me about 500 times, well it may have been 501, if everyone was coming to his graduation! 

The ceremony was a little preview of what a typical day was like at preschool.

These pictures aren't that great...but here they are.

The beginning of the ceremony with his graduation cap on.

Saying the pledge of allegiance. 

Singing some songs and acting them out.

Receiving his diploma.

Elijah with daddy who also went to Sunflake!

The crowd of ladies who were there to support him.

Elijah with Grandma and Grandpa.

He was so adorable afterwards asking when Kindergarten started and milked the day for what it was worth by asking to do special things and saying he should be allowed since it was a special day.

He is a smart kid.

I sent Isaac to daycare that day so I could enjoy the ceremony and then we ran some errands afterwards.

It was nice to spend that time with Elijah.

Plus, Isaac LOVES daycare and Grandma Helen.

Such a blessing for sure!

To add to my emotional Olivia was up on her hands and knees rocking all day and Helen said Isaac had been going potty all day at her house!

Yikes! Too much growing up in one day for me!

Elijah has been asking when school starts almost daily since his graduation.

Poor buddy, only 91 days to go!

Glad he is excited!  It will help when I am a puddle of tears dropping him off in the fall.

Until then I hope he can enjoy the time off this summer while we wait for school to start again.

I know I am!

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