Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 Months Old

Has it really been 6 months since this sweet princess blessed us with her presence?!?

Now that she can move around more, it is a bit of a challenge to take her picture!

She also didn't want to look at me and smile for many...

Then she wanted to grab the camera...

This face was after Isaac "rocked" her in the chair...I think she was wondering why I was taking pictures instead of rescuing her!

She can almost sit alone, still just LOVES tummy time and watching her brothers, and being right near the action.  

She has been waking up in the night and snacking and I have allowed it to keep her from waking Isaac who has been struggling to sleep well after his hand surgery. 

She still likes to be swaddled and takes her pacifier at nap and bedtime but isn't attached to it. 

She gets so excited when she sees people she knows, especially daddy, her brothers, grandma or grandpa and her aunties!

She has started to develop a bit of stranger anxiety. 

It isn't too bad and usually she is fine as long as she can see me, but gets overwhelmed if it's lots of new people at once. 

She is still a peanut and is quite a bit smaller than her brothers were but almost as long as they were!

I hate how fast the first year goes! I can't believe she is half way to 1 years old!

Whew! I better go before I blink and it's October!

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