Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Fun

This weekend we were able to do some celebrating with Richard's extended family.

It was so wonderful!

I feel truly blessed to have married into such a great family.

The only problem is we don't get to see each other often enough!

The weekend of fun started Sat night with a BIG get together at one of the cousin's place south of town.  I forgot my camera so don't have any proof of the fabulous time we had.

Richard was at state track and the boys were wonderful.

They had a ton of fun playing with all the kiddos and I was even able to visit a bit!

The wedding was Sunday and they were so excited to play again, which made the ceremony a bit difficult because they were so anxious to get to the reception party!

Here are the 2 excited guests...

Liv took a cat nap on the way to the ceremony.

Here we are waiting for the ceremony....

Jonah was so excited that during the wedding he kept whispering to me about how excited he was to go to the party and who was coming. 

I kept shushing him and answering his questions quietly then told him he needed to stop talking about it and pay attention. 

Then he leaned over and started whispering something else and I told him we were done talking about it and he said, "No, it's not about that....there are 139 pieces of wood on the ceiling."

I thanked him for sharing that with me and told him he needed to just wait quietly until it was over.

We had left Isaac at my parents house for the ceremony since he was napping and well, because he is 2 and unable to sit for more than 3.3seconds quietly. 

After the ceremony we snuck in a quick family photo....sans Isaac...(thanks Jennifer for taking this picture that Richard really wanted).

After swinging by my parents house to grab Isaac we headed to the hotel where the reception was. 

When we arrived it was almost time to eat and the boys were so excited to dance they could hardly stay in their chairs!

Isaac was quite enthralled with the dinging of the glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss.

He may have been responsible for that a few times. 

Then the dance started and the boys later told us is was the best night ever!

Here is the beautiful bride and her dad!  This one always gets me....so precious!

The adorable flower girl and ring bearer.

Here are some other great pics of the dance....

Elijah and Isaac busting some moves...Elijah had this fascination with trying to do the splits...Jonah was break dancing....Isaac was shaking it pretty good too...in case you are wondering we don't do that at home!

The DJ handed out glowsitck necklaces to the kids....genius idea...totally kept them entertained all night!

Here are my boys with Ian, one of Richard's cousin's son, proudly showing me their glowsticks!

Jennifer if you ever want to ship him here for a week we would gladly take him....seriously what's one more boy???

Me and Miss Liv cooling off

 Isaac and Liv taking a dancing break...

There was a little girl about 18 months old totally in love with Olivia and Isaac had a hard time letting her be close and checking her out.  This little girl kept calling Olivia her baby and Isaac would get in her face and say, "No, MY baby!"

Sweet Girl, you are so blessed to have these 3 big brothers to keep you safe!

Here is Isaac showing me some of his moves.

Richard and Liv dancing...Brown Eyed Girl came on so I had to snap a pic of Daddy with his brown eyed girl!

 Grandpa Frank dancing with beautiful Leah

The Kirsteatter's rocking it!

Dance party fun...

Uncle Frank the baby whisperer!

Richard and John deep in conversation...

Isaac missed our family pic earlier so we snapped this one quick since someone, ahem I won't name names, didn't think it was wise to attempt a family pic at this time. 

We lasted pretty late and headed home 930 or so!

I can't believe that Richard and I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage soon!

We feel so blessed to have these 4 to care for and to challenge us!

It was such a wonderful time together and we were even able to have some family stop by Monday morning on their way out of town!

Hoping to post about that soon!

Elijah and Jonah had so much fun they want to have a dance party at our house with glowstick necklaces and invite everyone who came to the wedding!

They even asked me to send out invitations so people could put it on their calenders!

It might be a good excuse to get everyone together again?!?!

As long as we have good food and LOTS of coffee I think we could expect a few dancers!

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