Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Where Is His Toothbrush?

As any parent knows, with each child more things are added to the house.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a place for everything.

Of all our children, Elijah struggles with his possessions and has a large collection of junk "treasures" on his bed.  He has a small bookshelf at the head of his bed that is covered with items as well as his entire bed.  Some nights there is barely enough room for him to lie down in bed. 

He also is possessive of his things and struggles with Isaac touching them or getting into them.

One of these items is his toothbrush.

He has tried to keep it in a variety of places, the counter, the drawer, or suctioned to the mirror...but Isaac inevitably finds it and sticks it in the toilet uses it and then Elijah needs a new one.

We have two bathrooms and Elijah also likes to make sure things are in the right place in the bathroom upstairs that he uses most frequently. 

The other night I went to brush my teeth and noticed how clean the counter was.

Elijah will wipe up the globs of toothpaste & dirt smears from the counter clean it for me often.
I noticed something was missing at first and couldn't quite put my finger on it...

until I looked up.

Here is a closer look...

I chuckled to myself thinking Elijah must have been so proud to discover the perfect place to keep his beloved toothbrush safe from the sticky hands of his 2 year old brother....the ceiling! 

The next morning I asked him about it and he beamed telling me that not only was his toothbrush safe on the ceiling but the shadow made a "ninja fan" which was an added bonus!

So if you have a big family and are struggling to find a place for things, you can give Elijah a call.

He just might be able to help you out!

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AshleyRena said...

Oh my gosh!! Thant is hilarious! I love it!!!!