Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome to my life with boys

I have been surprised by many things living in a house full of boys.

Life is very different with a male dominated household than with a female dominated one (like the one I grew up in).

My expectations change frequently too, as I learn more about raising boys.

I have learned to be flexible and to pick my battles.

For example, I have accepted the fact that my boys will no longer allow me to dress them in cute outfits (plaid shorts & nice shirts), but rather prefer to wear gym shorts and superhero t-shirts every day.

Independence, while wonderful, has a price.

We have come to an agreement that they will occasionally have to wear "nice" things when I say so, but otherwise can wear whatever makes them comfortable.

I also have come to accept the fact that boys have a certain attraction to bodily functions and noises that accompany them.

One rule at our house is that such noises are not to occur at the dinner table.

Also, if they are heard then a simple excuse me is to follow.

Well, I have always wondered if this attraction is genetically acquired
or one that is learned.

For all who have been living in suspense as I have, you no longer have to wait!

I have the answer!

They are simply born that way.

How do I know?

After Jonah's 1st day of school, he and I were the disaster relief team for whatever natural disaster had passed through our basement the few days prior.

Isaac was sitting in his bouncy chair offering moral support and squeals of encouragement.

While Jonah was bending over to pick something up he farted.

Right on cue Isaac started giggling hysterically!

Then without missing a beat, Isaac farted, thus cuing Jonah to start laughing hysterically.

(I do think one of the hardest parts of being a parent is not laughing at laughable moments when children need to be taught certain lessons)

I was trying to decide how to tackle this situation, when Isaac burped loud enough to be mistaken for someone 3 times his size.

At this point Jonah began burping on demand, invoking giggles from Isaac continuously for about 10 minutes.

(If you live in a predominately female household, and are sitting there in shock reading about the unsolved mysteries of males, I am sorry).

While I am sure a parenting book could have directed me as to how I should have handled the situation, I instead smiled and joined in laughing.

(I did intervene when I wasn't sure if Isaac could breathe as he was laughing so hard)

I had a mom moment as I proudly watched my oldest and youngest son bonding, despite the fact that it revolved around bodily functions.

I also was pretty proud to hear my oldest son giggling excuse me after each, ahem, noise coming from both ends!

I guess that is better than no manners at all right?

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Cindy and company said...

Love it! Too cute. Despite what the experts say, you handled the situation perfectly. Your a good mom, Becky!