Friday, August 27, 2010

Randomness from my Kindergartener

3 days down and Jonah is LOVING school!

Weird? Wonder where he gets that from?

He is adorable and although it is still hard for me to have him gone all day, I sure enjoy picking him up at 3 and hearing select pieces of his day.

I am pretty sure he is exhausted, and I am hoping I will hear a little more as his body adjusts to the new 7am wake up call and school schedule.

Instead of asking him what he learned, since that gets me "nothing" I have been asking him about his favorite things of the day. Or just some new things he learned.

These are a few of his answers:
  • Lunchtime: Because he gets to punch in his lunch number on the keypad!
  • Snacktime: Who doesn't love snack he says!!!
  • Recess: Playing outside is great, but he couldn't tell me if it was before or after lunch :0) Just that it's a little cold and a little hot out when he has it.
  • Winning a scratch-n-sniff monkey sticker at Bingo. (Won't tell me what kind of Bingo he was playing, but oh well)
  • Free time: He wishes there was more free time in the day 'cause he likes all the new toys
  • Learning stuff: He forgets what kind of stuff, but reassures me it's important stuff!
Here are a few fun quotes from the past few days:
  • When I picked him up the first day and asked him how it went he told me "It was great! There is something for you to buy in my backpack." He told me we had to buy it or send it back. I looked in the car and saw it was a calendar from the school to support the district wide art program. I told him I would talk to his dad, but that we would probably just send it back. He said, "I told my teacher that! I said that you wouldn't want it, but she sent it anyway!"
  • The second day he comes out of his classroom and tells me..."today was my 2nd day of school. After my 3rd day, Auntie Laura is taking me out for ice cream you know."
  • After the 3rd day he told me today was good because "I learned how to eat really fast during lunchtime. I know your not supposed to do that, but we have only a little time to eat so I have to mom. Sorry."
  • "Did you miss me? I bet you did!"
  • "Sorry Elijah, I can't play right away 'cause I probably have millions of homework to do!"
  • He gets to be the helper next week and I asked him what that meant. He says "I don't know but it's a BIG job mom! That's what my teacher said!"
  • " 5 days on and 2 days off it? That is my schedule! If you forget, just remember it is just like daddy's"

So glad that school is going well and he is enjoying it so much! He wanted me to just drop him off and let him walk in by himself, but I told him I couldn't do that.

I am looking forward to spending a few days with him and also watching Elijah come out of his mini depressed state he has been while Jonah is in school!

He sure perks up when his big brother gets home and they start playing! So sweet!

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