Thursday, August 12, 2010

Could it be?

Could it be that I have a son old enough for Kindergarten?

In just a few weeks I will be celebrating another milestone with my oldest son.

He is starting school!

His Momma is choking back tears and he is practically jumping up and down with excitement!

We made our first family trip to Target for school supplies!

Elijah had a hard time not being able to get one of everything for himself, but he did pretty well considering. He is devastated his big "brudder" is leaving him with his boring mom and going to school without him!

We managed to find almost all the necessary items to keep a kindergartner happy: 16 glue sticks, 3 packages of markers, 3 packages of crayons, 2 boxes of kleenex, pencils, an iron man lunch box, safe scissors (if there is such a thing), disinfectant wipes (weird you'd need those in a room with 5-6 yr olds), a pencil keeper box, a backpack, and a towel for rest time.

My sister Nikki helped us locate all the items and celebrate our oldest son's exciting day!

Jonah chose Cold Stone for his post shopping treat.

This little man is sure going to miss his big brother each day!

He may need a little extra TLC to get through the next few weeks.

The third little man will also miss the many times throughout the day he is loved by his biggest brother!

I just can't believe it is really true! It seems like just yesterday we were staring into those big brown eyes and wondering when his first smile would be, or first steps, or first words!
Jonah we are so excited for you as you begin this journey! Your Dad and I can hardly wait to watch as you explode with knowledge throughout the years. I pray your love for learning continues and you are able to enjoy school! We love you so much and your brothers and I are sure going to miss you each day!

Love Your Teary-Eyed Momma!


Cindy and company said...

Go get 'em Jonah! You can conquer the world! Congratulations on your first day of school!

joven said...

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