Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transformers 101

So while I have MANY posts waiting to be finished, or ahem written, about our summer adventures, here is one about learning while you wait.

(These summer adventures include a visit from some special Californians, trips to the lake, and one to a sunny place called Florida)

With school right around the corner, I found this post quite fitting...

Transformers 101
Isaac is changing so fast, a little too fast in fact! It is always amazing to watch a child observing the world around them and soaking everything up like a sponge.

It is warms a mother's heart to watch her children teaching each other.

Even if it is about Transformers.

Which is exactly what took place a week ago while I was frantically packing for a little trip Isaac and I took to that nice warm state called Florida!

Anyway, we have been indoctrinating the older boys to a heart of serving and helping. One of the ways they can show us this is by entertaining or "babysitting" Isaac while I do a small task in a nearby location upon which I am able to supervise the "babysitting".

So while I was flying from room to room packing last week I found the following scenes...

It brought me to tears as I hear the older 2 going into great detail about each Transformer...
...including names, special weapons, and whether they are a decepticon or an autobot.

Isaac was studying his big brothers quite intently and would answer with shrieks and excitedly flap his arms and kick his legs.

Isaac adores his big brothers and beams with joy when they give him any attention.

They enjoy "teaching" him extremely important information like how to burp your name, make farting armpit noises, wrestle each other, and of course properly kill ant hills with a single stomp of your foot! Every once and awhile he will also learn animal noises, select letters of the alphabet, and how to kill any bad guy with a stick found in the yard.

I pray their relationship continues to grow as brothers and I will hopefully catch many more teaching moments between the 3 of them.

No matter what the subject happens to be.

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