Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of Kindergarten

Today was a BIG day in our house!

Today my oldest son started school.
(wipe tear from eye)
He was so excited to start and last night he picked out his outfit, got his backpack ready, and set his alarm.

Richard and I heard it go off at 0700 and when we went in to see if he was getting out of bed, he was frantically taking off his pjs and getting dressed with a smile on his face from ear to ear and his eyes hardly open.

He came walking out of his room at 0705 and said he was ready to go.

He was a little disappointed when he found out school actually didn't start for another hour. I tried to distract him by taking a plethora of pictures which only caused more stress in his life.

He wanted one with Isaac though when he woke up.
This one was right after I asked if he was excited...
Today was daddy's first day of school at Valley Middle School as the Interventions teacher too!
We had to wait for a few minutes for the first bell to ring and I thought Jonah was going to explode with anticipation.
He doesn't look excited at all does he?
He was really excited to find his name all over his classroom and outside of it.
Elijah had a pretty hard time saying goodbye. He climbed into Jonah's carseat in the car and was pretty solemn as we drove away from school.

He also asked me if I would play with him since his brother was at school.
He was really intrigued by the thought of having his own desk. He was also fascinated that the top lifted up to put all his things inside.
It was pretty hard to say goodbye and walk away.

Jonah was all smiles and confident, which made me proud but I still wasn't sure I would be able to walk away from that room and leave my little boy for the whole day!

I managed to choke back the tears until I got outside.

Fortunately Richard was there to give me a big hug and remind me Jonah would be ok.

I also had lots of texts, phone calls, and a playdate organized by another mother of a kindergartener for a few fellow moms who needed a distraction and a friend this morning. It has certainly been strange not to have Jonah around.

I am really excited to pick him up at 3 and see how his day went!


Words can't even express how proud I am of you! I have watched you bouncing around for months with excitement as you anxiously waited for this special day and now it's here! I had butterflies in my stomach as I waited for this day to come, only because I wasn't ready to let you go.

I can't believe how fast the last 5 1/2 years have flown by! I wasn't sure how I would feel watching you cross this milestone. I have to say you handled it marvelously.

Watching you confidently stroll into your room, hang up your backpack, and sit at your desk without a care in the world was reassuring. Although I had no doubts you would do just that, I wouldn't have minded if you were a little sad to leave me!

I LOVE that you love learning and pray that continues through the years.

I also want you to know I held in the tears until I got outside and then they started flowing. It felt like just yesterday your dad and I brought you home from the hospital sleep deprived and full of excitement to see what the future would hold.

I am glad you are more than ready to embark on this adventure of learning, but sure wouldn't have minded a little more time with you home.

I think your brother Elijah feels the same way! He was a little lost without you today and asked many times what time you were done.

I love you so much and can't wait to hear how your first day went!

Love, Your Proud Momma

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