Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There is a FIRST for everything

One of my favorite things about having a new baby is all the "firsts" they do! I love to keep track of as many of them as possible with pictures and by writing them down on the boys' baby calendars. Jonah has enjoyed this too and every time we go some where (Target, a restaurant, the library) he asks if this is the first time Isaac has been there.

I didn't get a picture of Isaac's first official bath at home (we did get it on video), but this is a substitute for the real first bath (it was when he was only 3 days old).
He loved it and the older two boys joined him in the tub. I had them put their swim suits on, since we were video taping, Elijah decided he would rather just use a washcloth to cover himself up. They both helped me "wash" Isaac and the kodak moment ended quickly when Isaac pooped in the tub and both boys got out of the tub faster than I have ever seen before!

Another of my favorite firsts to record is our boys' first major outing. Jonah's was the mall (to get some clothes since we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl), Elijah's was to Richard's softball game, and Isaac's was to a Sioux hockey game! The Sioux won too!

He was only 10 days old, slept through the entire game, and helped Richard and I enjoy our first date together in months by being the perfect baby. We also went to Red Lobster after the game! It was so much fun and such a great memory. Thanks to Grandma Irene for watching the other two boys so we could do this! It was an extra special treat!

This next first is a special one, Jonah was playing near Isaac and I walked in the room and he was introducing Isaac to Batman. I just thought it was adorable so I took a picture.

He continued to give Isaac the run down on all the major superheroes and definitely gave Isaac a head start on learning these important statistics so young! Jonah then told me "Mom, this is Isaac's first time meeting Batman and playing with him!"

He then told Isaac about how we called him Bruce before he was born, but that his real name is Isaac. He also let Isaac know that Jonah is batman and Elijah is Robin, but Isaac could be a different superhero. It was so sweet!

I am looking forward to many more "firsts" for this little man and hoping he doesn't get too big too fast!

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