Friday, March 26, 2010

One busy month

As hard as it is to believe that my baby is a month old, it is even harder to remember how busy this month has been! I still can't believe he is really here and how perfect he is! I have been trying to write things down and take mental snapshots of the kodak moments we have been having as we adjust to being a family of five.

Since I am way behind on blogging, and want to remember these first few weeks with our littlest man, I decided to do a recap of the month in pictures. And I happen to have taken just a few pictures of my sweet Isaac, so here they are to help illustrate his first month and what he has been up to...

Isaac has had a busy month of looking very cute in his many outfits (explosive diapers and fountains of pee have allowed for them all to be worn at least once)

His big brothers have been helping him learn all about important things in life

He has fabulous hair (that happens to be the same color as mine) and has been sporting an adorable mohawk

He has been able to get some quality naps in on daddy's chest

Having some talks with "Bampa" about his day

Being loved by BOTH his big brothers, even Elijah!

Making great faces while making great noises in his diaper!

Dreaming about milk

Lounging in his swing

Wrapping himself around his big brothers' little fingers

Checking out his toys

Talking and showing his love for his Daddy

But for the record Isaac likes this shirt the best...

Snuggling with Auntie Laura

Meeting some of mommy's friends (yeah for Joey)

Having special visitors travel from far away to come meet him (Grandma Irene from California and Great Uncle Frank and Great Aunt Mary from Minnesota)

Snuggling with Auntie Nikki from Montana

Going for walks in the new stroller

Being held by mommy and told once or maybe twice every day how much he is loved

Being a super sleeper at night (4-5 hour stretches) and a super eater!

Snuggling in the Baby Bjorn so mommy can get some things done and Isaac can be safe when his big brothers are saving the world from evil

Drinking his first bottle like a pro

Becoming more and more adorable every day and filling our house with lots of love and laughter! Helping us realize that the long road we traveled to be holding him in our arms today was worth every step and worth the wait!
We are praising the Lord for this little man and feeling so blessed with our three sons!

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Cindy and company said...

Beautiful post! Can't wait to see him in person in a few weeks! YES! We're coming to GF!