Monday, March 22, 2010

An Auntie Visit

This past week my sister Nikki came for a visit from Montana. We have been fortunate enough to see her quite a bit over the past month due to the death of my grandparents and both of their funerals, but we still miss her so much! It was a long drive for her and she was only here for a few days, but we sure enjoyed our time with her! We were able to do lots of fun things together while she was here and the boys even had a sleepover with her.

On Saturday we all headed to Fargo for the day. Richard had his first track meet at Concordia (where my sister Laura goes to school). Laura was working at the meet so we headed there for a few hours to see her and watch a bit of track. Then we spent the rest of the day together and had a nice time despite a few grumpy boys who didn't get a nap. Nikki spent the night with Laura in her dorm room and then headed back home.

It was hard to see her go since we don't know when we'll see her again. Hopefully this summer we can meet up somewhere...or just convince them to move back home again!

We are looking forward to having Laura home for the month of May before she heads to Medora for the summer! We have seen her a little more since she is only an hour away for school, but we miss her too.

I am so glad the boys get to see their Aunts and uncle so frequently and know them so well! Richard's family lives so far away (Texas and California) and it is hard that we don't get to see them very often at all. We sure feel blessed to have such a great family!

Isaac and Laura at the meet
Isaac and Nikki at the meet

We are praying for God to open up some doors for Nikki and Tom and move them back to ND! We know Montana is great with the beautiful mountains, scenery, and outdoor activities, but does it really compare with good old North Dakota?

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