Monday, January 26, 2009

Not me! Monday

Although MckMama is off on a tropical, well-deserved vacation, it is still Monday and that means starting the week with the wonderful denial of truth! Here are a few things I certainly did NOT do this past week...
  • I did NOT hear from my older son that he was praying for me during his nap that I would not be angry when he woke up. He did NOT then whisper in my ear that he recommended I do the same!
  • I did NOT get to go on a wonderful date with my husband to watch the Sioux CRUSH Denver 8-3! (Thanks Nikki and Tom)
  • I did NOT have a few emotional break downs this week and wonder why exactly my husband puts up with me ;0) 
  • I did NOT wait until late in the morning to take the boys to workout, get groceries, stop at subway (for me), where I did NOT leave my credit card, and continue to my sister's apartment to see her wedding pictures, then leave AFTER they had reached the point of no return and stop at Starbucks (again for me) only to realize that I left my credit card at subway. The best part was my 4 year old was the one who knew where it was! "Mommy, I think you left it at the sandwich store!"
  • I did NOT get to go on two dates with my boys and my mom this week. One to the mall to play, followed up by cold stone. I did NOT get ice cream after telling myself I would not. The second was two see the movie "Hotel for Dogs" which I did NOT totally love!
  • Jonah did NOT have a melt down after the movie and test every ounce of patience I have in my being. I did NOT almost yell at him but laughed instead when Elijah said "Showtime" after getting his pjs zipped up. I was NOT impressed until Jonah pipped in that it was from "Madagascar" and he didn't make it up. 
  • I did NOT just get 22/24 on the adjective/adverb quiz my husband just gave me! Booyah! (If you are a religious reader of my blog you will truly appreciate this feat)
  • I did NOT become ecstatic when I realized Richard and I were going to possibly go away for a weekend in February (we have never done this) and while surfing the web for our destination getaway decide instead to take the whole family down to Iowa City for the weekend!  
  • I did NOT give Richard his Valentine's Day present today. Oh, it's not Valentine's Day yet? Silly me! I am NOT impatient when it comes to giving gifts to people and I do NOT do this often. 
  • I did NOT just tell the internet to "Bite me." Nope. It is an inanimate object. Plus I did NOT hear my boys go "Ugghh or Grrrr" when they were frustrated this week. They, of course, did NOT learn this awful coping mechanism from me.  
What didn't you do this week? I would love to hear about it!  Here is to another week with a fresh start. AMEN to that!


Prachar family said...

I also do not have a one way commentary with inanimate objects like my computer, the Publisher program, or the internet! Thanks for the laughs! Stay warm! I think of you lots!

Cindy and company said...

I am NOT totally bummed!!! Iowa City? Iowa City? What the...why not Wausau? Get your cold tushies over here already!!!

sweetander said...

I LOVE your Not Me Monday post! The sad thing is it sounds a lot like my past week - I just don't always admit it:) We were at the mall with my mom yesterday and definitely stayed past the point of no return - just to get a little extra shopping in:) Loved finding your blog!