Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday

Today it was bitterly cold and as I bundled the boys up to head to the car I was thinking how cute they still are all bundled up and reminded of one of the first times they both were outside.  How amazing that I am still able to remember these things and I pray my memory only gets better as they get older and more kiddos are added to our family. The first picture is of Jonah in the courtyard of our 2 bedroom apartment on good old Emerald Street in Iowa City.  He loved the snow!  I still remember the three of us trekking around outside, going to the hidden park by our apartment and returning home for some hot chocolate.  He was almost one and cried when we took him inside. The second one is of sweet Elijah all bundled up and ready for a walk in California. We were able to travel there the January after he was born (he was almost 5 months old) and spent a week with Richard's brother Tom and his family.  It was a blast! It wasn't as cold as it would have been at home, but it is a fun memory! He wasn't so sure about being outside and was fine as long as we kept the stroller moving. 

Little did I know that they both would be winter lovers and I am afraid they would never come inside if we didn't force them too!  They have adjusted nicely to these arctic ND temps and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The car starter definitely helps though! Did I ever say how much I appreciate and enjoy that? Oh, yeah...almost every post!


Cindy and company said...

Ahhhh...Emerald Street. We grew to love that place too. Or maybe it was just the people who lived there ;) And I don't think ANYONE EVER gets used to those GF winters! Come visit us in WI. Mi casa es su casa. Richard should be able to translate that one. ha

Heather said...

Awww... your little snow bunnies! Stay warm way up north.