Monday, January 19, 2009

Not me! Monday

 I haven't participated in the wonderfully refreshing denial of truth that MckMama created for a little while now. It's Monday, Monday, Monday Hurray! So I thought today this would be a great way to start my week off. Check out others who have joined the craze and pull up a cup of joe and enjoy some great laughs at the expense of others!
  1. I did NOT just hear my son pray for me to not be angry this morning at breakfast after I had to start the morning with discipline for a dispute over spider man.
  2. I did NOT have a blast celebrating my dad's 50th birthday this weekend. We did NOT get treated to a night in a hotel with a small water park that the kids did NOT spend HOURS on and we would become totally exhausted. Richard and I did NOT get to stay the night with the boys because no one else wanted to and we did NOT laugh as the boys were up until 11pm because they were so excited to go swimming the next morning.  
  3. I did NOT let the boys have more days spent in our pjs all day than days that we were dressed. Nope! 
  4. I did NOT praise the Lord when I had 5 boys 5 and under at my house and everything went so smoothly. (I was watching them for Richard's cousin during a funeral). 
  5. I did NOT tell Richard that I definitely will be adopting a little girl (adoption has always been on our hearts) if God gives us all boys!
  6. I did NOT run just a little longer this week on the treadmill only because I wanted to finish watching the show I had started watching. That would be silly, especially since my shins and knee were hurting a little bit. 
  7. We did NOT spoil the boys rotten this weekend by going bowling Friday night and ordering pizza, swimming at the hotel sat night with mcdonalds for supper and sleeping there, and then swimming more sunday and mcdonalds again for lunch!
  8. I did NOT become second fiddle to a poker game in my basement with Richard and his buddies on Friday night. 
  9. I did NOT go spend some quality time with a neighbor (during the poker tournament) and then spend the rest of the evening watching a chick flick in our bedroom with the space heater on!
  10. I did NOT burst into laughter a handle of times while disciplining the boys because of the adorable things they said. (This was not helpful by the way)
  11. I did NOT discover that chapstick all over the bathroom wall comes off real easily with a babywipe (Thank you Elijah).
  12. I did NOT also learn that letting Elijah get up in the morning (while I lay in bed awake, but just not wanting to get up yet) and "play in his room" = Elijah eating M&M's in his bed and mints that he snuck from the candy jar.
  13. I did NOT stay up until at least 1am almost every night because I was ordering presents online for birthdays, picking out pictures to print from the last year (1800 of them by the way), and watching movies with Richard. I am NOT sick because of it either!
  14. I did NOT just change Elijah's diaper and ask myself why his stool was pink colored only to realize it must have been from the non-alcoholic strawberry margaretta he had at supper last night. He in turn replied, "Oh, rita did it to my but." I laughed of course and explained it was from the drink and repeated the word for him but he just kept on reciting, "Oh, rita did it to me." 
What did you NOT do this week? It feels so good! Cheers to a great week!


Prachar family said...

Love it! Glad I am not the only one who can't get to bed at a decent time! So glad you had some swimming/birthday celebration fun! Sounds like the weather isn't phasing you at all!! Go girl!

Carm said...

I've got to remember that one... "oh
Rita did that to me!"