Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

How appropriate that my first blog of the new year be a Not me Monday post?  Very fitting I think.  It has been a crazy whirlwind over the past few weeks with my sister's beautiful wedding, Christmas, Jonah's Birthday, and a few days together before reality sets in tomorrow (Richard goes back to teaching).  I have been taking a blogging break as I contemplated all that happened over the past year (a post to come) and a fresh new look for 2009 (also to come). For now, I at least need to get a few things off my chest and participate in the absolutely, wonderful, freeing, denial of truth, created by MckMama herself...Not Me! Monday!

  • I did NOT have withdrawl from this marvelous therapeutic activity over the past few weeks as I was busy with wedding planning, a wedding, Christmas and Jonah's 4th bday!
  • I did NOT watch my son turn 4 years old because he is NOT getting any older and he will certainly be little forever. Right?
  • I did NOT love every minute of my sister's wedding and I did NOT feel honored to be a part of it all! Love you Nikki!
  • I did NOT let my boys stay at the wedding until it was over (1230am) and when they fell asleep around 10pm I did NOT just lay them down on a pile of coats in the corner of the dance floor because every respectable mother would certainly not do this.
  • I did NOT love watching the boys open their presents on Christmas and hearing them get so excited about not only their own presents, but everyone else's (even if they didn't know what they were)
  • I did NOT spend a whopping 45 minutes trying to figure out how to put together my son's transformer and I did NOT have the directions with me while I was doing it!
  • I did NOT probably gain 15 pounds over the holidays because I did NOT eat any sweets, or junk food at all! Nope!
  • I did NOT actually sneak a few treats behind my kids backs so I would not have to share.
  • I did NOT get to go on a wonderful date with my amazing husband out for dinner, bowling and then home to snuggle up and watch a movie. We do NOT need to do this more often!
  • I did NOT try to convince Richard he should get an online degree and work from home so he doesn't have to leave us every day. 
  • I did NOT take at least 25 pictures of our boys in various outfits and settings hoping to get the perfect Christmas, I mean New Year's card picture and now wonder if it is just a little too late? Do people still want to get it? Is it worth it? 
  • I do NOT hope you also participate in this wonderful denial of truth. Nope! Cause I know you WON'T enjoy it at all!

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Prachar family said...

I would never change my kids clothes and take multiple pictures for a Christmas/new years card either. I do NOT want a copy!!!

Don't you love these ages at Christmas!!?