Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

This will be a random post about some of the random comments that have been heard around our house lately...

Jonah: "Mom, why do we have bones in our body?"
Me: "Jonah, what made you think of that?"
J: "I don't know I just thought of it."
M: "Well...God put the bones in our body to protect our organs, like our heart, lungs, stomach, and so that we can walk and move around."
J: "Oh, I see."
M: "Who told you about bones?"
J: "Jesus."


Elijah: "Mom, I was not being naughty downstairs. I was just hanging out."

(It was definitely a disaster with almost every toy out and it only took him about 10 minutes to do this)


Elijah: "How your day mom?"
Me: "It has been very nice sweetie, thanks for asking. How was your day?"
Elijah: "Good. Jonah, how your day?"
Jonah: "Good. Mom how was your day?"
Me: "Boys, I have been with you all day long.  Remember? We played games, did puzzles, read stories, and colored."
Jonah: "Oh, that sounds nice. Did you have fun doing that? Did your kids have fun?"
Me: "Yes, I did have fun. I think they had fun, but you could ask them."
Jonah: "Ok, I will."

(This question has stemmed from me asking Richard when he gets home every day how his day was. The boys now ask each other and me this frequently throughout the day)


Jonah: "Mom, you know how I keep praying for a baby sister someday....well I was wondering if you can have two babies at the same time?"
Me: "Jonah, remember that first of all we don't get to pick when or what kind of baby we get, that is God's decision. Second, I am pretty sure we won't be having two at the same time, but it does happen. What if we would have had two Elijah's at the same time?"
Jonah: "Hmmmm....I am just going to pray for one baby sister instead of two."


Jonah: "Mom, you hurt my feelings!"
Me:  "I am sorry I hurt your feelings, but you can't do that."
Jonah: "Mom, you hurt my feelings...all the way to my heart...right where it beeps (I think he meant BEATS)."

These comments have come out of my mouth during an average day with the boys...
  • I am sorry you are not done killing all the bad guys, but it is time for put down your guns and get up here!
  • You can not use golf clubs and bats for weapons. Please stop hitting each other with them.
  • I don't care what you think will happen, but you can not FLY off the bunkbeds.  Jesus will NOT keep you safe this time.
  • Please save the burping and farting for anywhere other than the table.
  • No Jonah, I can not fart with my arm in my armpit or behind my legs. I can only fart with my bottom.
  • I am sure your dad does let you do that, but I don't think it is safe so you have to stop now!
I wish I had time to write down all the adorable things they say.  These are just a few that made me smile!


Prachar family said...

I thought my Holden was the only kid who could make the fart sounds behind his knees! These are HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing them!

Cindy and company said...

You have the entire Hogan clan laughing with tears streaming down our faces! Oh, and thanks. Now Michael is trying to fart with his hand behind his knee. We needed that.