Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Tears

This morning we had just finished eating breakfast when some men from the city came to trim the trees in our front yard and remove our Christmas tree (Sophia) who has been patiently waiting to be taken away while sitting on the berm.  The boys were busy playing and I was busy checking my email before starting our day. I thought they would enjoy watching this since the garbage truck coming by our house on wednesday is the highlight of the day. 

I was wrong!

Jonah became almost hysterical when he realized what was going on.  I tried to smooth over the situation by saying "Bye Sophia (our tree's name)" which only made matters worse when Jonah burst into tears saying "You named it! You named the tree?" Then he cried even harder and sobbed into my arms while crying something about not wanting Christmas to be over. **He has had a hard time with this as we took the decorations down and put things away**

Elijah had no clue what was wrong, but decided to participate in the crying too so I had two hysterical boys carrying on about our poor Christmas tree!  Then Jonah was quiet for a bit and must have realized what was going to happen to it and became hysterical again crying out "are they going to squish it? Are they going to crunch it up? How will we get it back for next year?" 

Poor kid. So, moral of the story...death of Christmas trees is just as real as death of imaginary friends, superheros, and animals in the eyes of two toddlers. 


Prachar family said...

Thanks for your encouragement today! Sorry to hear of the post Christmas depression at your made me giggle I have to adorable is that???? I hope the trauma is over and no permanent damage was done. Isn't it funny what comes seemingly out of nowhere with kids??!

Cindy and company said...

Even more reason to have an artificial tree! "See, Sophia is going to take a little nap in this box and we will wake her up next year." Much less traumatic. So sorry poor Jonah has to go through that and how cute that Elijah didn't want his bro to cry alone.