Friday, December 26, 2008

Superhero Mail

We had a wonderful day today relaxing and watching the boys play with their gifts. We went to the "Tale of Despereaux" this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to see a package in the mail from Florida! From a wonderful family, The Prachars, who we met at the church we attended when living in Iowa City. They are now in Florida serving the Lord through Agape Ministries. Check out their site for more details. The package included a batman costume and superman costume! The boys were exstatic (as was I since I know these costumes will be loved to death). THANK YOU PRACHARS!!!!! If you have followed my blog for even just a little while you would already know what a special gift this is. My boys love imaginative play and Elijah has been LIVING, I mean day, night, day, night, etc in costumes since before Halloween. (*I do try to wash them as often as possible, and encourage him to wear clothes daily, but sometimes it just isn't a battle I choose to fight with him*).

Thank you again, and we will have to send you some more pictures when I get around to sending out a New Year card instead of a Christmas card. Hope you are nice and warm down there!

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Prachar family said...

If I wasn't already warm from our mid 80 temps, your blog would have warmed me from the heart out! I am so glad to see these enjoyed again! How perfect. Hopefully they will fit for a long time...until they are tired of them!