Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Well fellow blog is time for the wonderful denial of truth thanks to MckMama!  I have had some of you tell me you read this and some comment, but send me an email with your not me's if you are not up for playing!  Please bear with me...this was a big week!

  • I did Not get to sleep in today until 9am! Thank you Jonah and Elijah. They ended up in our bed last night at some point and I did not have the energy to put them back so I left them hoping that would happen. Thank you Jesus.
  • I also did NOT get to sleep in until almost 10am on saturday. Thanks to my wonderful mother who took the boys friday night for a sleepover.  (if you have any children you appreciate this one above all else because we all know that the laws of children = no sleeping at all let alone in on a sat am)
  • I did NOT bear my heart and soul in the previous post, which took A LOT of encouraging on God's part and my own, but was blessed by many wonderful comments and emails from family and friends. Thank you!
  • I did NOT take the boys (on Thanksgiving day) in search of a MacDonalds or Wendys or any fast food for that matter to feed them dinner.  Richard and Colby ( a great friend from Iowa who came to help us celebrate the holiday) made a gourmet meal which was not quite ready when they wanted supper. Since everything was closed we ended up renting Wall-e from the video store, spending who knows how much on gummi bears there (cause those are NOT expensive) and eating fruit loops for supper. 
  • I was NOT the closest one to 2 million hits on MckMama's website and she certainly did NOT mention me and post one of the pictures I took and sent to her to document this!
  • I did NOT go shopping on Black Friday and I did NOT find a ton of great deals and get super excited for Christmas gifts to be exchanged.
  • I did NOT get to spend Friday evening with my family for our quasi Thanksgiving since my sister Nikki got home from Idaho late thurs night, and have a wonderful time. I did NOT overeat at all!
  • I did NOT get to go to a Sioux hockey game after our quasi dinner where the Sioux did NOT win 7-3 against Cornell! Yahoo!
  • I did NOT persuade my husband I needed dip-n-dots at the game either! I never looked at him with a pouty lip and puppu dog eyes and he never gave in of course!
  • I did NOT take Elijah to Walmart in his Robin costume turning heads down almost every isle as he declared "Me Robin, the boy wonder" every 10 seconds while shooting imaginary monsters who happened to also be shopping at Walmart!
  • I did NOT take the gum that fell out of his mouth and onto the floor give it back to him and then after it fell out a second time take it away and give him a new piece. It obviously gets dirtier after two times and is gross to put back.
  • I did NOT go to Target when the opened at noon on Sunday and hunt for a particular present for Jonah for his birthday like a maniac. Which was on sale in the circular for $28 (and is selling for $100 on ebay) and upon not finding it hunt down a sales clerk and ask him to check in out it for me. I also did not utter these exact words while waiting "Lord, I know this is silly, but is it ok if I pray that they will have this toy?" and when he returned with one I did not have to try really hard to contain my extreme joy and excitement. 
  • I did NOT almost hate the world while trying on just about every dress in the Fargo mall to find one for my sister's rehearsal dinner. I also did not spend the entire day there looking. Thanks mom for coming with me! You are the best! 
  • I did NOT ignore my children as they ran around the kitchen screaming at the top of their lungs and chasing after each other with their cereal spoons while writing this post. Nope.
  • My WONDERFUL hubby did NOT just call to see how our morning was and say he loved us because we were sleeping when he left. That did NOT just melt my heart and make my day!
Wow! I might have to add more later as they come to me, but for the most part I think I covered the week pretty well. Hope you all have a wonderful week and jot down your Not Me!'s to laugh about at the beginning of next week. 


Prachar family said...

Gum and suckers are both good for one return from the floor...after that they're just gross!! LOVE it!! Isn't it great that God cares about our son's toys!! He clearly answered your Target prayers!! We are thanking God for grandparents too!

Cindy and company said...

You could add to the list "I did NOT just wonder if our good friends in WI would host us for a visit. Certainly they WOULDN"T have the room and would rather that we NOT visit at all!!!

Anna said...

dippin dots are my FAVORITE!!! i love getting them at braves games! yummy! what a beautiful family! sleeping in...the best gift anyone could give you when you have kids :)