Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Doot do, la la la, this is my Monday song, that it is finally here! ***This was not actually posted until Tuesday and written on Sunday, but you get the idea***  I have to lift my hat to MckMama, yet again, for this wonderful denial of truth that I look forward to each week!
  • I did NOT have tons of fun with Richard and the boys decorating our tree this week.  It was NOT the first time we had little "helpers" to make the process go so smoothly ;0) Actually, it was really just Jonah because Elijah did NOT drink everyone's egg nog while we were doing it!
  • I did NOT have a blast throwing a personal shower for my sister nikki on Friday night. I also did NOT embarrass her just a little!
  • I did NOT have a great time on Saturday night bowling and heading down town for nikki's bachelorette party! I was the DD and I did NOT still have a blast watching everyone and being the bodyguard for my sister. 
  • I can NOT believe she is getting married on saturday! AHHHH!
  • We did NOT take jonah and elijah ice skating on Saturday in the freezing cold and I did NOT just ran back in forth from the van to the rink taking pictures and video while trying to keep from freezing to death. 
  • My heart did NOT melt ten times watching Richard teaching our boys to skate and helping them. Nope. I didn't cry either!
  • I did NOT get just a little sad on Sunday when Jonah's christmas program was postponed because he was sooooo excited to go and had done an excellent job working on his songs and memory verse!
  • Speaking of Sunday....I did NOT LOVE having a snow day and spend the entire day relaxing at my parents house while we were shut in! 
  • I did NOT spend almost all my free time helping my sister with wedding planning, hence the reason I have NOT neglected my blog this past week ;0)
  • I did NOT hold my breath while trying on my bridesmaid dress and breathe a big sigh of relief when it did fit just like I remembered. 
  • It did NOT take two people to strip Elijah down and try on multiple outfits for the wedding and dress rehearsal until we found the right match.  My mom did NOT help me and we did NOT bribe him with cartoons and candy.
  • I did NOT spend Friday cleaning my house from top to bottom (scrubbing floors, cupboards, vacuuming, dusting, etc) for my sister's shower.
  • I will NOT be MIA for the next week due to my sister's upcoming wedding!
So, despite being a day late...this is NOT still therapeutic for me! 

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