Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Jonah and Elijah

Dear Elijah
    Today I was busy multi tasking and you came flying around the corner, looked right at me, and scared me.  Not because you aren't the cutest thing ever, but because you don't look like my baby anymore.  You are getting so big!  You often have some of the same facial expressions and body language that your brother had at your age. (this is a little scary as there is this is obviously genetic since you had no idea he did these things).  You are still a momma's boy and I am thankful for that.  You want to snuggle every morning (and every night this week at 4am) but it's ok because this won't last forever.  You hadn't snuggling as a baby and did not want to be held. You preferred to drift off to sleep in your own crib. This was very different from your colicky older brother's baby desires. He could have been held and snuggled with all day and all night.  Slowly you have become a snuggler and I love it!  Although this morning you held my face and told me you did not want to get out of bed and we should snuggle a little longer.  I am afraid I have ruined you!  I love your curiosity, and your sweet side.  I also LOVE hearing you (and your brother) pray before we eat.  Slowly the "gank foo's (thank you's)' are progressing from spider man to maccaroni and cheese, your brother, and mom and dad. I also will hear your little voice saying "Holy Smokes, there is spiderman on my milk glass" for quite some time. This is a bittersweet time for me as I struggle to keep you as my baby, but let you become the little man God has desired you to be. I love you Elijah!

Dear Jonah,
  You are also changing before my eyes!  I am enjoying your transformation from the whining, hair pulling three year old to your soon to be more mature 4-year-old self.  I also enjoy "here's the deal mom...." as you try to barter your way through our days.  You are becoming so interested in how things work, and the questions don't stop until you are satisfied.  I love this!  I also love that you are learning to be a big brother, looking out for Elijah, showing him the ropes, and loving him up.  You are so excited in this role and that makes my heart leap for joy.  Speaking of hearts leaping, you made me cry the other night when you recited your memory verse for the Christmas program "A savior has been born unto you" Luke 2:11 and your eyes have never been brighter as you realized what you had done!  You called everyone to tell them and kept repeating it over and over and over again for Elijah and I.  Then you whispered to me that Jesus helped you learn that.  

I am not sure where you learn some things, like tonight when you took your hat off to pray and told us that is just what you are 'posed to do.  You are getting so big and I am also mourning the loss of my little guy.  I pray you continue to challenge me to become a better mother as I challenge you to become the young man God desires.  I love you Jonah. 

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