Friday, December 19, 2008

A Cold Stone Thank You

We have been crazy busy with all the wedding planning, but Richard and I were so pleasantly surprised when the boys inhaled their supper the other night, we decided to head to Cold Stone for a nice cold treat.  It was an extra special time laughing, singing, and just being together while we enjoyed the delicious ice cream.  Thank you again to the Hutton/Amundson/Doan's for the wonderful gift!  You are too sweet ;0)  Since I know some of you happen to cruise on by this site once and awhile I captured our "double date" to share with you...

The boys picked cotton candy ice cream with peanut butter cups (yuck) and since I usually get to pick the ice cream I let Richard have a turn and he made an excellent choice with the Coffee Lovers.  It also happened to be Wednesday when we went and you get a free waffle bowl or cone with your Love it Creation on Wed. God is sooooo good! 

And, Yes Elijah is STILL wearing his Robin costume religiously.  Probably the best $ I have ever spent!!!!

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Prachar family said...

Sounds like you needed a cool, refreshing treat...since its so warm there and all, right! Thinking of you with all the terrible weather and praying you are all safe on the roads and wind chill!