Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holy Car Starter Batman!

It is Christmas day, we are celebrating the birth of Christ and trying to keep the chaos under control.  The boys actually slept in until 8am and crawled in with us for a little Christmas morning snuggling.  Then we all headed out to the living room to open a few presents and peek in our stockings.  It was so fun to watch the boys squeal with delight and their little faces a lit up as they unwrapped their presents.  Jonah struggled a little bit with being patient and sharing, while Elijah actually did better with this concept.  

Richard made some delicious egg bake and we had OJ and ginger ale and pineapple.  Then my sister Laura and dad came over for a while.  We are just relaxing and enjoying the boys playing with their gifts and listening to their imaginations soar.  

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a small bag at the bottom of my stocking that previously had cherry chocolates in, but was hiding the remote to a car starter in my car! I did think it was a joke at first, but after Richard instructed me to push the button and see for myself I was just as excited as the boys when I saw my van start in the driveway!  Hurray! Now, if you are thinking to yourself "what a silly gift" you must not understand the arctic temperatures we experience up here in good old North Dakota.  It was -21 degrees F yesterday morning.  The beautiful minus sign in front of the number does not designate a party either! This normally wouldn't be such a problem if I did not have to dress to small boys from head to toe each time we even think of leaving our house, even if only for a few minutes.  

Richard opened his present early so he could test it out (wireless speakers for his laptop) and has been enjoying them I believe.  Jonah got the imaginext batcave he had been hoping for and Elijah was excited to open a spiderman car complete with spiderman himself.

The past week has been quite chaotic due to my sister's wedding last saturday, Jonah's Christmas program, family in town for Christmas, and the holidays.  I am hoping to catch up on a little blogging next week.  However, I will be distracted by my son turning 4! I can't believe it!  How time flies!  

Merry Christmas to all and we pray you are able to celebrate this precious day that our Savior was born on so many years ago.  The perfect, best, present ever!  Even better than my car starter!  

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!  

The boys in their new robe, pjs, and slippers and opening a gift from each other

Checking out Jonah's new gift and playing with their gifts


Prachar family said...

Sounds like a fun family Christmas! The car starter is a priceless and thoughful gift! I used to envy people with them when I worked nights at the U and went out to a frigid car in the morning! Sorry about the "beautiful" minus sign in front of your temperatures...we are about 100 degrees warmer here...not rubbing it in or anything!

Carm said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas. It makes me feel like I was there!

And personally I love those Christmas morning or gift opening pictures. They are just so fun! To see just how much, check this post out! :)