Saturday, November 22, 2008

Small Fryday contest!

Hello my fellow blog readers... many of you have commented on my therapeutic "Not me! Monday posts" and I am not sure if you have ever taken the time to check out MckMama's blog (the creator of the blog carnival) and read her story.  I encourage you to check out her site when you have a chance!  She also is an incredible photographer and has adorable children to practice on.  

She is having a contest for an opportunity to give back to her fellow blog followers (like myself) who have been praying with their family as they experienced the trials during their last pregnancy with their son being diagnosed with a heart condition and not expected to live. God is good and He healed their little MckMuffin.  Back to the contest....if you talk about this contest and link back to hers you have the opportunity to win a customized blog and some photography gifts.  

I never win things like this, so if I do it would be quite miraculous! But, it is worth a try!  
Praise the Lord for healed hearts, cute kids, and contests.

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