Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Here we are again, on Monday (my new favorite day of the week) and this wonderful denial of truth.  First, I need so praise the Lord for the birth of the beautiful and completely healthy Stellan (MckMama's little man). Go to her website and read about it, but bring some kleenex! 

I did not shriek last night (while going to the bathroom) that tomorrow is monday and scare my husband with the late night screaming!

I did not LOVE watching my boys trick-or-treating and sprinting from house to house because they were excited for the treats and because they WERE batman and robin (not Jonah and Elijah)

I did not LOVE hearing Elijah say "Robin, the boy wonder" as he ran from house to house (apparently this is a phrase from the old school batman cartoons that the boys saw when I checked it out from the library)

I did not put off putting my boys down for a nap in order to write this post.

I did not just break 3 plates reaching over the dishwasher to put them away because instead of closing the dishwasher and then doing it I pushed them and they flew through the back of the cabinet (you can open it on the other side by the table) and landed on the floor

I did not also proceed to pick the largest broken piece and throw it on the floor because I have not always wanted to do that and decided why not since I have to clean it up anyway

I did not eat at least 4 little chocolate bars from the Halloween stash while writing this post

I did not cry, again, when Jonah saw a little outfit I had bought for our friends new baby girl and asked excitedly if that was for the baby sister that Jesus was going to bring him.

I did not let my boys eat candy corn, peanuts, and fruit snacks for breakfast once this week

I did not spend 3 hours cleaning like a mad woman on Friday because 1) my husband had requested it and 2) I realized people would see it when they were trick-or-treating!

I did not let the boys stay up until 1030 on Halloween because when we came home from my parents house I decided it would be more fun to have a glowstick light show in the dark living room instead of going to bed.


Prachar family said...

Sounds like such a fun Halloween for your family and I love that you took advantage and made such fun memories! I am cracking up about the plate breaking! My prayers continue togo up for your comfort after your loss. God's timing is perfect and He is perfectly faithful!

kay said...

"Robin, the wonder boy!" cracked me up!