Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Here we go again...cheers to Monday and to MckMama.

I did NOT restrain my two year old this morning for an extra 20 minutes of snuggle time in bed before starting the day.

I did NOT take my toddlers to Target late at night last week knowing I had to get lots of groceries and such and act as if they were not my children when they ran screaming and being silly down a few isles as people gave them dirty looks.  I also did NOT rush to catch up with them a few isles over and divert them the other way to avoid being caught by these un-impressed fellow shoppers.

I did NOT let my boys stay up late and reward them with watching a Night at the Museum with me when I probably should have put them to bed instead, but they had been EXCELLENT at the hospital visiting Richard's uncle who was very sick.

I did NOT stop at Wendy's on the way home from an attempt to eat out with relatives in town visiting Richard's uncle that didn't work because it was getting late and get a frosty with cookie dough and wait until the boys were sleeping to eat it instead of sharing.  Hey, I did make them popcorn!

I did NOT comment on how disgusting my kitchen floor was, and how it desperately needed to be washed, drop a scoop of ice cream onto it, pick it up, and then proceed to eat it. (5 second rule)

I did NOT check MckMama's blog more than a few times this morning to see if she had posted yet so I could participate in this unbelievable denial of truth

I did NOT spend a few hours during nap time last week, instead of being productive, checking friends' blogs, searching the internet for things I don't really need, and blogging.

I did NOT pout for a little while (to myself) when our plans to visit some of our bestest friends from Iowa (who are in Minneapolis for a month) last weekend were destroyed!

I did NOT take my husband's vocab quiz he was giving his 7-9th graders today and get a C! I am definitely an A student! (That'll teach him to use me as a guinea pig again)

I did NOT let my son continue wearing costumes during the day, to sleep in, and out in public this week as he rotates through the "costume box" because he is just too darn cute!

I did NOT spend at least 20 minutes scavenging through the left over costumes at Target (on sale for $5) to find two for the boys and almost buy 3 more, but realize two was probably enough as they through a tantrum because it was well past lunch time

I did NOT go through the baby isle at least 2o times during this same trip to Target trying to decide what to get for Richard's cousin who is expecting a little girl in January and see the same person at least half of the time who saw me change my mind a million times and probably thought I was crazy! 

I did NOT curse under my breath as I ran into the pouring ran last week to make sure all the downspouts were up, and once I was completely soaked, not find it very funny when the rain stopped suddenly after I had finished.  Not funny God!  

I did NOT invite Richard's relatives over for lunch on sunday (12 or more people) and then realize I had to shower and pick up the house leaving my, yet again, AMAZING husband to brown 4 pounds of hamburger for sloppy joes, make a pan of brownies, and run to the grocery store!!!  Thanks Richard!

Until next week...


kay said...

Ha Ha about the rain thing! God sure does have a nice sense of humor. (:

Prachar family said...

I never let my kids stay up late or keep them in bed either to snuggle with me! I did not completely prevent them from being morning people by keeping my night schdule after they were born. I LOVE being rained on.

What is it with boys and costumes??? I thought it was just girls that liked dress up, but my boys got lots of mileage out of their costumes. Come to think of it, we still have them around here, not being used. Send me your address by email and I'll get them shipped off to you! Would have loved to see you too last weekend!

Cindy and company said...

Love you, Beck! Love to be able to keep in touch with you this way. This not me monday thing is too funny. I love the one about the ice cream. I wonder what would have to happen to the scoop before we wouldn't put it in our mouths?