Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 things I hate to admit

So Travis tagged me FOREVER ago and I hadn't taken the time to actually admit to myself what I hate admitting to others.  So, after some careful consideration I have come up with a few things:
  1. I am ridiculously addicted to frappuccinos from Starbucks. Particularly java chip.  I know that this is silly and how do I justify spending $5 each time on the cold, refreshing, energizing, stress-releasing, keep-me-awake-all night at work, chocolaty, quasi-coffee treat?  Not sure.  
  2. I hate cleaning and cooking.  My house will never be in a magazine or be the envy of the neighboorhood as far as it's cleanliness goes (unless my husband has attacked it because he can't stand it anymore, which often is the case).  I know it is a necessary evil, but I find little motivation or reason to clean so frequently only to see it destroyed by two adorable toddlers right away.  I am getting better about this.  Upon trying to decide which 7 things to admit about myself to the world I realized this may be in part due to the fact that we now have hardwood floors that show EVERYTHING which is good and bad.  I also have a little more "free time" since I am not working full time and want to serve my husband in this way because I know he appreciates it.  Cooking is something I also am learning to enjoy a little more.  Why do I hate cooking? I hate the mess, that it might not be edible, that it takes so long, that I am scared to try new things, that I would rather play with my boys, that my husband is an AMAZING cook so why try when you are second fiddle?
  3. Contrary to the previous post...I have some OCD tendencies that involve things being picked up, put away, and organized.  The boys' toys are mostly organized into bins (cars in one, balls in one, little figurines in another, weapons in one, etc) and I am slightly, ok largely annoyed when they are not organized.  I also like my house looking neat and picked up (just don't look to close at the dust bunnies and finger prints)
  4. I wish I was a better photographer.  I love taking pictures, but they aren't anything to write home about.  I suppose I could take a class or put it on my list of things to do when the kids are grown and gone.
  5. I have control issues.  Control over the unknown, my family, life, mostly over anything and everything that I don't have control over.  God has used many wonderful people, events, and my wonderful husband to help me learn to trust and let go of this control.  I know I will be challenged even more as my children grow since I essentially have most control over what the wear, eat, do, read, watch, etc for now.  However, every time I am confronted with my control issues and I finally give them over to the Lord, again, He blesses me and showers me with His love!
  6. I love my boys to death and if that is all I have it will be fine, but I do pray for a daughter often.  Having only sisters Richard thinks I wouldn't be happy with just one and "if you give Becky a little girl, she'll ask for another so she can have a sister", which I am sure would be true, but I would be happy with just one.  I feel honored that God has chosen me to raise these two amazingly, energy filled, healthy, loving, and beautiful little guys.  I have learned a lot about boys and have a LONG way to go.  Plus, Jonah wants a little sister so why not?
  7. I have the most wonderful husband. Wait, why am I writing this on a blog dedicated to things I hate to admit?  I try to keep it on the down low so no one steals him from me!  I have known him for almost half my life and he is my best friend, lover, and soul mate.  He is an incredible father and has taught me way more about parenting than I him.  He loves the Lord and is dedicated to serving our Father and leading our family.  He loves me unconditionally and does an excellent job displaying this love for 4 little eyes to see and absorb.  He is one of the best cooks I know and delights in spending an entire day making an incredibly delicious meal for friends and family.  He hates the tv and thus insists we do not have cable and therefore, does not sit in front of the tv like a bum all the time.  He loves to be outside and spends more quality time with the boys than I probably do.  He encourages me daily to be a light, a better wife, mom and friend.  He has sacrificed so much and worked so hard to be who he is today and for our family.  He finds me irresistible and attractive despite what I think when I look in the mirror. He manages to put up with me daily (which is an accomplishment in itself). He is also very attractive and hilarious.  He loves fixing things around the house and doing it himself (which he does an excellent job on).  He makes sure I use proper grammar when speaking (he'd probably die at my improper use of English on this website though). He never makes a promise he can't or won't keep! I hope to enjoy many more years together and grow even closer. 

Whew!  I feel a little naked now ;0) I would tag some others, but I am not sure who would do this. So, instead I will leave it at that and let me know if you are up for participating. 


Prachar family said...

Wow! Great job! No wonder it took you so long! Isn't it amazing how long our husband's "good qualities" list gets when we stop and think about it?!? I love it! Boys are great, I wouldn't trade a single one of mine... but that girl is worth the wait!

Carm said...

Just so you know, Becky, you are gorgeous. We (as in the world) all think so! Richard knows he's a lucky guy!

Cindy and company said...

So wonderful to hear about a marriage and a family dedicated to the Lord and not lacking for anything. Especially in this world. You are a light shining brightly!