Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

It is monday! Hurray! Here is the beautiful denial of truth that MckMama started: 
  • I did NOT make macaroni and cheese for lunch this week and totally ruin it somehow, resulting in some of the most disgusting lunch I have ever made, and then proceed to feed it to my children because they couldn't wait for anything else.  Only to be pleasantly surprised when they thought it was delicious and ate it all!
  • I did NOT get frustrated when my two year old came to me this past week quite frequently to tell me that he needed a new diaper because he had pooped or peed but would not let me put him on the potty. 
  • I did NOT laugh at my 3 year old (who has an extremely sensitive gag reflex) when he gagged and almost lost his snack over the lovely aroma from his little brother's diaper!
  • I did NOT go crazy waiting for the weekend to come because I was NOT excited to see our dear friends from Iowa who came for a super sweet, but just too short visit.
  • I did NOT totally look out the window a million times on Friday night waiting for them to get here like a little kid!
  • I did NOT have a blast with Clint, Katy, Paul and little Isaiah this weekend and cherish every little moment of our time together dreading sunday morning when they had to leave, but trying to enjoy it while it lasted
  • I did NOT love going downtown with Katy and having some extremely precious time together while we window shopped, laughed, talked and just enjoyed each other while our WONDERFUL husbands watched the little ones.
  • I did NOT wonder how great it would be to still be in Iowa City with those guys hanging out like old times.
  • I did NOT just write this post super fast just so I wouldn't be at the end of MckMama's list while waiting for my two year old to finish pooping in his diaper so we could go to Target!


Always Been Different said...

I surely didn't just write to my daughter and tell her to watch the Youtube of Elmo and his dad singing a song about pooping on the potty!!!

Prachar family said...

I am so glad you had visitors!! We live for them too!! Those must have been some hungry boys...I think you're on to something!!

Potty training can be all consuming, can't it?!? Now I can hardy remember how we got through it!

If you think of it when you have a minute on Tuesday, will you pray for a new friend of mine named Kristen who is pregnant for the third time after suffering 2 miscarriages. She goes to the dr. tomorrow and is hoping to find a heart beat. She is 9 weeks and very hopeful! Thanks!

Cindy and company said...

I am NOT jealous that you got to spend time with Katy. And I am also NOT jealous that she got to spend time with you! We miss you bunches.