Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Jonah and Elijah Sandwich

What could be better on a cool fall day than being the center of a Jonah and Elijah sandwich?  I accidentally got up to make a quick bathroom run while the boys where headed down for their nap (I worked last night and work again tonight).  They saw me and it was over!  I sent Maria (our wonderful babysitter home) and they ran and jumped in my bed.  On my days off, if I take a nap (which often is the case) we all snuggle together for nap time and I am often in the middle per their request.  Jonah has to sleep on Richard's side so he can be "just like daddy" and Elijah by default sleeps on the other side.  I hope when they are taller than me someday I can remember how sweet it was to be a Jonah and Elijah sandwich with two amazingly sweet and peaceful toddlers sleeping on each shoulder.  Too bad I couldn't sleep any longer and snuck away to get some things done. Love you boys!

I am learning to stress less about wether or not I get my list of things done (which I love making and checking off) and stress more about how much quality time I spent with those two little men during our days together. I have also realized how non-spontaneous I am and how much our boys have come to depend on the predictability of our days together.  I am stretching myself and them by throwing a curve ball every now and then.  Since we all know life is anything but predictable.

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