Thursday, October 2, 2008

Questions from a toddler

So Jonah has been asking me some very interesting questions and I wanted to share them with you. (if anyone knows the answers please let me know so I can share them with him)

(while I was putting helping him get dressed putting a t-shirt then a long sleeved shirt on) Jonah: Mom, why do I need two shirts?

Me: It is cold right now, honey, and it will warm up later so when you get hot we can take it off.

Jonah: Why don't we wear two pair of pants? Or I could wear shorts under and if I get hot I could take the pants off.

Me: Good question, I guess it might not be as comfortable and I think it is easier to just wear a tshirt and long sleeve and pants

Jonah: But it is easier to pull of your pants than take of a shirt.

Me: True. That is just how life is I guess. We wear two shirts and one pair of pants.

Jonah: (while putting a hand on my shoulder) Sometimes you just need one mom, and have to trust that its enough.

I guess I hadn't thought of this before and decided it was not worth arguing over so that was the end of the two shirt, on pair of pants conversation.


This next one occurred right before we went to our new Pediatrician for Elijah's 2 year check up.

Me: Jonah and Elijah we are going to the doctor today for Elijah to make sure he is healthy.

Jonah: Do I get a turn? ( our previous pediatrician would "check" Jonah over when we were there for Elijah so he would feel included. Will I get an owie? (shot)

Me: No, you won't have a turn and no you shouldn't get an owie.

Jonah: Did Dr. Miller move to this town too?

Me: No, we are going to have a new doctor in our new town. His name is Dr. Lunn.

Jonah: He is a boy! Boys can be doctors too??? (our previous MD was a female and I guess it never occurred to me that Jonah had not seen very many male physicians before)

Me: Yes, boys can be doctors too! (never thought I would have this conversation with my son)

Jonah: (to Elijah) I never knew....that doctors could be boys too. Did you know Elijah?

Elijah: uh-huh


The following conversation occurred between the boys before falling asleep last night.

Jonah: I am scared, I want to sleep in your bed, I want the light on.

Elijah: Jonah go to sleep. God is so Big. He will keep you safe. God is so big.

Jonah: Oh, thanks little buddy. Good night.

***Lately for songs before bed we have been singing twinkle little rock star (the air guitar version) and God is so big (a song Jonah loved when Grandma Irene sang it to him once and now Elijah is hooked)*****

Here it is if you want to hear it: My God is so Big


Steph said...

I love reading these stories about the boys!

Katie said...

I second the motion! More, please!