Sunday, October 26, 2008

A great race, superheroes at bedtime and the first snow

Yesterday we headed to Jamestown to watch Laura run at the state Cross Country race and she did amazing! She had her best race this season and her best finish. It was so fun to be there for this and watch her run. We have enjoyed traveling to her different races and cheering on Red River. Jonah and Elijah were running around after the race and having me and Grandma yell "Go Jonah, Go Elijah and Go Riders!" (Laura's school is the Red River Roughriders). She did her best and enjoyed her last high school race. We are so proud of you Laura! I feel bad I have missed out on so many years being down in Iowa so I am hoping to make up some lost time this year and maybe next year if she goes to UND ;0)

If you are scared at night you may want to come sleep at our house. Elijah has been literally living in his costume (robin from batman) since it arrived and then Grandma discovered some power ranger costumes from when we were little and that has been a saving grace. I fought to let him wear it so much at first (as it is already tearing) but realized this wasn't a battle worth fighting. I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of it already and it is not even Halloween! The only exception is he has to take it off to eat and go out in public (mostly because it is too short and it is so cold out). We were able to compromise and he was ok with just wearing the belt of the costume on top of his clothes. I have to admit, I love hearing the two of them running around the house saving me from the Joker and other bad guys from batman. I am so thankful that God has given them such vivid imaginations! I think I will keep my eyes out for discounted costumes after Halloween to add to our "costume box." I am cherishing the days of hearing "robin to the rescue" and "nananana nananana batman" throughout the house. I already can't believe I will have a four year old soon! I don't even want to think about them getting much older. How great would it be if you could just put a costume on and make all your worries go away? If anyone ever finds a super mom costume let me know. I might have to invest in it for days when I am dragging and dreading my housework and other adult responsibilities. Anyone want to take bets as to how long after Halloween the costumes will be worn????


Today we had our first snow of the year! We woke up to beautiful white fluffy flakes falling (or more like blowing) to the ground. I got a picture of it and by the time we were heading to church it was quite a bit. However, when we left church the sun had made its appearance and melted it all away. We had one pretty disappointed little man on our hands (Jonah) who was ready to dig out his winter boots, snow pants, and sled this morning when the grass was lightly dusted with snow! I explained to him that there would be plenty of snow up here in North Dakota for him to play in and he just had to be patient. Iowa City did see quite a bit of snow last winter, but I am sure we will beat that up here in the arctic! Until then I am cherishing every day that I can go outside with just my sweatshirt or fleece and be comfortable!

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Prachar family said...

Oh. My. Goodness!! Snow already...I am cold looking at your pictures. You have ALL my sympathy! My kids are insanely jealous though!