Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not me! Monday

    Cheers to MckMama and another therapeutic dose of denial of truth!  

  • I certainly did not go in and work extra last Wednesday night, but only for four hours so I could get some sleep since I had to be up all day on Thursday with the boys and then come back to work Thursday night. I definitely did not stay up until 330am because I couldn't sleep and have to get up at 0630 that morning.

  • I did not spend the morning screaming at my children, only to apologize and ask for forgiveness before heading over to MOPS where God did not then speak to me about anger management at the meeting.

  • I got to watch Laura race in her regional Cross Country race on Friday and did not spend the time running around in the pouring rain pushing the boys in a stroller. Since I am not out of shape I did not almost pass out sprinting from one point to the next with them. I also did not pee my pants just a little when I was cheering her on as she sprinted to the finish. Nope, not me because as I have told Jonah many times, big girls like mommy do not pee their pants!

  • I did not take a nap with the boys every day off that I had because I certainly don't have any other responsibilities.

  • Sunday I did not spend the afternoon shopping with my mom while my wonderful husband did not clean our house. Nope!

  • I also did not allow my two toddlers to stay up past 9pm or even 10pm some nights last week because that would not be wise!
  • I did not spend the morning running errands with the boys today and have a small snack in my purse that I did not give them after each store because they were yet again angels!  I also did not let them have a snack in the car on the way home from WalMart because it was not almost 1  1/2 hours after their "normal" lunch/nap time just in case they fell asleep on the way home!
  • I did not spend the morning laying on the couch with the boys while they climbed all over me and fought over who got to snuggle with mommy and I did not love every minute of it. It would not have been smarter to get up and get ready so we could get out the door sooner.
  • I did not tell my 3 1/2 year old to pick his gum off the floor at a store today and when he put it back in his mouth I did not just let him do it and keep walking because I did not want the other mothers to know I had allowed this.  That would not be disgusting or anything and there are definitely not any germs on the floor!
  • I did not cry while my two boys talked about how they want Jesus to bring them a baby sister to play with and how they would push her in the swing at the park, feed her a bottle with milk, and sing her to sleep.  I also did not pray with Jonah when he asked me to pray for a sister after I had already told him only Jesus gets to decide if/when/and who the next little Dafoe will be. 
  • I did not pray that, if at all possibly, God could just let our boys be little forever, because that would be silly and obviously not possible!

Feels so good!  I now view mondays in a new light. A new week, a new day, and a new way to share my shortcomings from the previous week, encouraging myself to be a better mother, wife, and friend!


Melissa said...

Great list... I certainly "have not ever" yelled at my kids (out of anger) only to feel guilty about it later... :) Oh, the range of things,emotions, etc...that we moms have to go through!! But, it's allw orth it when we get those sweet hugs and "I love You's".

Prachar family said...

Oh my goodness, you are GOOD at this!! I found you at MckMama's blog and I am so glad to know what your family is up to!!

Uh, sorry, I lost my form there...I did not laugh out loud nearly waking the kids while reading your post and I am not totally excited to add your blog to my blogroll!

Ashley Griffin said...

gum on floor... 5 second rule applies!