Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not me! Monday

I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a big week for MckMama (the creator of this fantabulous carnival) as her little man will make his debut this week. Pray for them if you get a chance and check out their website for details! Because I had to work the weekend and monday night I am late writing this and unfortunately won't be able to link it back. Oh well! maybe next week!

-I did not stay up late watching Iron Man with Richard when I should have been going to bed because I was sick. Nope. I did not even like the movie, nope why would I like that kind of movie!!!

- I did not get angry when I washed some super cute rugs that were in our kitchen and entry way when they bled together in the wash and came out pink instead of the reds, oranges, and greens that they were before. I did not get angry because I know I washed them with cold water and they came out steaming hot! I did not also thank him for reminding me that a ruined rug is not the end of the world!

-I certainly didn't tell my husband 1 million times that "my throat hurts soooo bad" for 3 days straight.

-I did not laugh at my children when they screamed bloody murder from the bathtub (of course I was scared someone got very hurt) when I discovered it was because Elijah had pooped in the tub again and Jonah was so grossed out he was crying hysterically and Elijah was crying like that only because Jonah was! Nope cause that would be immature and insensitive.

-I did not make my husband swear to make me join a fitness center next week and hide ice cream from me while eating an extra large bowl of ice cream

-I did not start writing this blog earlier in the week for fear I would forget all these wonderful tings I didn't do
-I was not a control freak about my child wearing his Halloween costume everywhere and then later realize how silly this was and give in
-I did not sleep all day yesterday (after working twelve hour nights) planning on getting up early to get some stuff done and then decide sleep sounded like more fun!
-I did not let my children eat left over popcorn for breakfast twice last week after Richard and I had made it the night before for a movie
-I did not get just a little jealous when one of my wonderful friends had a beautiful baby girl last week! Nope!
-I did not wish numerous times this week that I also posessed super powers like the boys thought they had while running around the house in their costumes. Like super cleaning powers, super cooking powers, super put-everything-away-that-is-still-in-boxes super powers, and super decorating powers! 'Cause that will happen!

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Prachar family said...

My children have never pooped in the tub! That's not why I NEVER take a bath! I didn't start my monday post a week early so I could just keep a running tally of my guffaws either! Oh yeah, I never complain about a sore throat either! Isn't there just something special about a sore part of you body that reminds you of exactly how excruciatingly painful it is every 2.3 seconds when you swallow?? Love your post!