Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mom Book

How often do you dream about a special day that is coming (Valentine's Day, your birthday, Mother's Day, etc) and plan out the "perfect day" in your mind?

Then you proceed to send your hubby subliminal messages while he is away.

Or you whisper ideas into his ear while he is snoring?

Then somehow he doesn't receive the message and the "perfect day" happens a different way. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Different isn't bad, wrong or disappointing, but I have learned an amazing truth about my husband over the past almost 8 years of marriage. 

Ready for this...he CAN'T read my mind!

Shocker huh? Maybe yours can. Good for you. Probably you shouldn't tell anyone else.

I do have an amazing hubby, and despite his minor flaws I am only more and more aware at how blessed I am to be his wife as the years go by. 

More humbled than words that God brought us together. 

So, I am helping him out a bit this year. 

Starting a new tradition.

The Mom Book.

I must admit that I did not create this idea, but borrowed it from a magazine that comes to my house. 

A few weeks ago, during my 5 minutes of free time, I was perusing Real Simple magazine I came across this article and couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it myself!

Jacquelyn Mitchard shares how her family gives her the best gift every year.

They draw a picture, write a poem, a letter, or share a sweet story for their mom filling the blank pages of The Mom Book with memories to cherish for years. 

It is simply a blank 8 1/2 x 11 book/journal that transforms into a journey through the years. 

So, ahem, Richard, ahem you would never have to buy me a card again!

The boys could draw a picture of a bouquet of flowers 
since I know how much you LOVE to buy real flowers. 

However, pictures of chocolate probably aren't the same as the real deal. 

Just so you know. 

Anyway, I am planning on purchasing a blank book to hopefully be filled many years to come. 

You can also tape in precious notes from your kiddos or masterpieces of art that you just can't part with.

The hardest part will be picking just the right book. 

Hopefully the first of many. 

(I will let you know how this works out)

With Mother's Day right around the corner, and our anniversary and my birthday in June I think now would be as great time to begin this.

I have also taken pictures of some of my favorite drawings that Jonah has brought home, as I know I can't save everything.  I am thinking they could be printed off and placed lovingly in this book. 

So excited I can hardly stand it!

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